Flow Systems
Flow Systems

Designing the service for Australia’s most innovative multi-utility provider.

For various historic regulatory, political and economic reasons, the dominant utilities have built systems with lumbering inefficiencies. The growth of the sharing economy and rapid reduction in the cost of renewables means this model is being challenged. In both nature and in business, inefficiency is a burden that leads to extinction.

Flow Systems is a next-generation utility focused on creating vibrant, sustainable communities through the supply of renewable energy, heating and water. Flow allows people to enjoy abundant lifestyles while greatly reducing their impact on the planet.

Our partnership with Flow began four years ago when we were approached by an exciting startup called “The Water Factory Company”. They asked us to create marketing assets for their recycled water technology. To their credit they accepted our challenge to dig deeper and we quickly realised that there was an opportunity to re-think the way people engaged with their service offering.

We co-created a strategy that moved Flow from the maker of water filtration plants to the creator of local sustainable water utilties. An idea that radically transformed the way the company thought about what it did. Offering community based services ensured Flow could cut through the barriers customers told us they had to dealing with yet another service provider. Pitt Town Water – Flow’s first community utility – successfully tendered for the first private contract to provide recycled water to 940 homes to be built in Sydney’s historic north west.

Flow Systems Central Park Entrance

In March 2013 global asset management leader, Brookfield Infrastructure, took a 51 per cent shareholding in the business. Today Flow serves 30,000 customers across a dozen communities and 800,000 m2 of commercial space with water and energy, including residents of the award winning development at Central Park in Chippendale, Sydney. Central Park is able to keep its beautiful and eco-efficient green-walls nurtured come rain or drought, thanks to Flow.

We continue to work closely with the senior management team to evolve the offering, providing co-design, build and strategic advice across customer experience, communication and digital transformation projects.

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