Future Friendly can help you improve, optimise and scale.

We do this by strengthening your ecosystem: exploring your deepest challenges and designing solutions with you and your communities.

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The world doesn’t need things. It needs things to change.

We’re passionate about expanding your organisation’s capacity to do more of the world-changing things you’re committed to. We’re consultants that prototype, test and implement. We deliver things that drive change, not lengthy slide decks or text-heavy reports. Here are just a few of the things we can do for you:

  • Develop brand, business and engagement roadmaps
  • Create new customer experiences or programs
  • Design digital platforms and products (from prototype to growth)
  • Refine a service or delivery process
  • Improve your organisational culture and team frameworks

We call these things strategic design, product design, service design and organisational design, but in the end we’re simply interested in giving you a healthy ecosystem. Is your business sustainable and scaleable? How does your organisation adapt to change? How resilient is it? Which small changes could you make that would result in huge effects?

How do we do it?

We work in an agile way to design, prototype and test solutions, learning and course-correcting as we go. We travel together, and end up in the right place — together. No big reveals, no big egos. We can spend upwards of 50% of our time on site with you and often host your team at our studio for substantial amounts of time. The co-design process breaks down the challenge of each project into three waves of activity:

  • Audit : explore the problem space together with your community. Where are we now?
  • Dreamer : visualise possible solutions to the biggest opportunities. What could be?
  • Realist : make the hard decisions to prioritise a scalable roadmap for impact
Audit, Dreamer, Realist

Co-creation with communities

We follow a collaborative design process, bringing your internal and external communities together to workshop solutions at speed. By doing this, you greatly improve your ability to create products, services and programs that people love to engage with.

We can help you unlock the potential in your client or customer community through:

  • Participatory design workshops
  • Observational and ethnographic research
  • Quantitative research and data analysis
  • Cultural trend analysis
  • User testing and community engagement
  • Building capacity, capability and cultural competence

A broken prototype trumps a perfect report

The beauty of doing strategic work from a design perspective is that as designers, we’re used to solving complex problems in tangible and creative ways. Unlike traditional consultancies, Future Friendly comes from a culture of making. Why guess the future of your organisation in a report when we can test and prove the future through prototypes?

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